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2020-2021 Meeting Dates


The following people have been nominated to the PTSO Board for 2020-2021:

President - Kimberly Miller

Vice President of Programs - Andrea Garka

Vice President of Fundraising - Krissy Jordan

Treasurer - Mary Fleetwood

Secretary - Elizabeth Bale

These positions will be voted on electronically on November 16, 2020.


If you are interested in joining the board in any capacity, or you would like more information, please contact us at jrhsptso@gmail.com




Join the JRHS PTSO!!

It's a great year at James River High School!  There are many ways to be involved at the school.  The PTSO is one of those ways.  We have a very active and involved membership and hope you will join us today!  

Once again, we are pleased to offer many services through our website.  Our website makes it easy for parents to do all of their PTSO purchases, volunteer, and paperwork online. This means our parents save time - no more paperwork!

(Membership is $10 per person (student or parent) and teachers are $8.)

Your PTSO account allows you to:

  • Join the PTSO
  • Sign up to receive important communications
  • Sign up to Volunteer
  • Make a donation 




 PTSO 2020-2021 BUDGET


 The PTSO 2020/21 Proposed Budget can be found here:  2020/2021 Proposed Budget

 The proposed budget will be voted on electronically November 16, 2020.  If there are any questions on it please feel free to contact us at jrhsptso@gmail.com