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Hello Rapids!

Welcome to the new year and welcome to our freshman, Class of 2022!  We hope the transition into the new year has been smooth for all our students and families. 

The JRHS PTSO takes pride in supporting every student at the school at some point in the year.  Here is a sampling of the things our PTSO does each year:

  • New technology in classrooms and for the school at large
  • Senior Scholarships
  • Speakers and educational programs for students and famiies
  • Support for needs in the library
  • Color Splash Fun Run
  • Faculty and staff appreciation events and the Golden Apple Teacher Award
  • Parent volunteers for events throughout the year

We look forward to the 2018-19 school year, and all the projects and programs we plan to provide to our school, students and families.  We hope you will join us and help us achieve our goals.  Additionally, being a member of the PTSO offers opportunities to our families to be better informed about school events and to become more active at the school through volunteer activities.

Please see the information below or on the home page of the website about becoming a member.  For questions or to become more involved, please contact us at jrhsptso@gmail.com.

Have a great year!

Go Rapids!

Lynn Gittelman

JRHS PTSO President



Join us in our efforts to make James River High School the best high school in Chesterfield County!  


Here's how you can support James River High School and the PTSO: 

First--Become a member!  If you haven't done so already, join the James River PTSO and encourage your student(s) to join as well. The PTSO is the only organization in the school that supports every student and family at JRHS. Please click here to join.


Second--Support James River HS and PTSO programs by participating in our fundraisers--we have several options:

  • The Clothing to Cash Recycling Program—Bring your old clothing, shoes, linens, accessories and toys to the white bin in the teacher parking lot. James River gets paid for every pound collected, so the more you donate, the more the more the school makes! Whenever you’re cleaning out your closets throughout the year, please drop your donations in the bin. We accept all unwanted items including clothing, shoes, towels, tablecloths, etc. We accept all conditions, too – don’t worry about how ragged the towels are! Remember, the PTSO receives money based on the pounds of clothes recycled each month. Clothing to Cash sells the used items at their thrift stores or recycles them into rags or other items. Don’t wait for the school year to start – drop off your donations today!
  • Kroger Community Rewards Program:  Continue your support of James River PTSO every time you shop and use your Kroger Shopper's Card.  Just login in at https://www.kroger.com/account/enrollCommunityRewardsNow and select JRHS PTSO.  If you chose to support JRHS PTSO last year, your Kroger Rewards will automatically roll over to support the PTSO once again this year.  
  • PTSO Benefit Nights:  The PTSO will host benefit evenings at local restaurants. Come and have dinner and help raise funds for the PTSO. Look for announcements in the PTSO newsletter throughout the year for more information on dates, times and locations.


Third--Support James River and the PTSO programs through a one-time financial contribution.

To supplement funds raised through membership dues and fundraisers, we also offer a "One Gift" Program.  Another option to the fundraisers, your "One Gift" contribution is tax-deductible and may be eligible for corporate Matching Gift Programs.  Contact your company’s HR department for more information. 

Click here to make a One Gift donation.


Fourth--Get involved! 

High school is an important time to be engaged in your child's educational experience. There are ways to be involved, no matter how much time you have to offer.  After you join the PTSO, please complete and submit the Volunteer Form and someone from the PTSO Board will get back with you

Click here to get more information about volunteer opportunities.