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Volunteer Service Award for Students!

The President’s Volunteer Service Award was established to recognize the important role of volunteers in America’s strength and national identity. James River students can submit an application, along with a service log, to earn awards based on the number of hours of service. PVSA Eligible Activities Include:

  • Volunteer time at local animal shelters.
  • Help the elderly, disabled and homeless in the community by providing yard work, household tasks, food, etc.
  • Help with activities at assisted living facilities, hospitals or daycare centers.
  • Mentor, tutor or coach young people.
  • And many more!

Winners will receive a certificate, pin or coin depending on the award level completed. For more information, visit our PVSA information page.



The PTSO is looking for new board members for the 2023-24 school year. We are in need of a Vice President of 
Fundraising (assisting the president and helping to plan fundraisers), Fundraising Committee Co-chair and a Volunteers Chair. If you are interested in becoming involved or would like additional information, please contact any of our PTSO board members or email us at jrhsptso@gmail.com. Thanks!!!!



Join the JRHS PTSO!!

It's going to be a great year at James River High School!  There are many ways to be involved at the school. The PTSO is one of those ways.  We have a very active and involved membership and hope you will join us today! We have a goal of AT LEAST 1000 members this year! Please help us meet that goal! Students are welcome to join and must be a PTSO member to apply for the Senior Scholarship.

Once again, we are pleased to offer many services through our website.  Our website makes it easy for parents to do all of their PTSO purchases, volunteer, and paperwork online. This means our parents save time - no more paperwork!

(Membership is $10 per person (student or parent) and teachers are $8.)

Your PTSO account allows you to:

  • Join the PTSO
  • Sign up to receive important communications
  • Sign up to Volunteer
  • Make a donation 




 PTSO 2023-24 BUDGET (coming 9/23)



For budget questions please feel free to contact us at jrhsptso@gmail.com.